The Mazon International sponsorship programme is designed to reward hockey players and coaches who are passionate about the sport that we love. It is available for all age groups and to help you along your hockey journey.

Stage 1

Apply with as much detail as possible via the Sponsorship Link

Stage 2

Our sponsorship team will carefully assess your application and determine the sponsorship group you will be assigned to. You will receive an email regarding your application and how to log in.

Stage 3

Once you have logged into your Mazon account the sponsorship group will automatically be applied to show you the price discounts specific to your account. If you purchase using these discounts, your sponsorship level will be activated for 1 year from that date. If you wish to decline our offer…no problem! Just contact us and don’t purchase any equipment :)

Stage 4

Wait for your equipment to arrive….share the love on social media….then go kick ass!

Best of Luck

MAZON 2020

Social Media Guideline

Terms & Conditions

Of Mazon Sponsorship Gradings

When you purchase your first item using the Mazon Sponsorship Grading you are then accepting the following T&C's.

1. By accepting the Mazon sponsorship offer you agree to represent the Mazon Hockey brand to the best of your ability throughout the duration of your sponsorship. You are bound to the Terms and Conditions of the sponsorship from the moment you place an order through mazonhockey.com using your sponsorship.

2.Once your account details are updated and your sponsorship is approved, the agreement lasts 12 months from the date of approval.
3.The sponsorship is a two way beneficial deal where by we allow you to access some of the best Mazon gear at greatly discounted prices and you actively promote the Mazon brand. This includes playing, social media, word of mouth and other avenues of promoting the brand to the best of your ability.
4.You agree to use Mazon Hockey Sticks, Bags and accessories (where possible) during matches, trainings and coaching.
5.You must try your upmost to not cover the Mazon labelling on your stick.
6. You agree to allow Mazon Hockey to use your name, image and photographs if and at all when possible. Examples include the Mazon website, social media and print.
7. You are encouraged to like the Mazon Hockey social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Twitter). This is a great way of you actively promoting the brand that has invested in you.
8. Mazon Hockey will add your details to a sponsored players emailing list for all the latest news and technology. You can unsubscribe at anytime.
9. If you are found to be using another brands stick or bag, Mazon Hockey has the right to terminate your sponsorship.
10. Mazon Hockey reserves the right to terminate or revise this agreement should you breach any of the terms and conditions.
11. Keep us updated throughout the year of how your hockey journey is going and it can lead to Sponsorship Level upgrade (but normally happens every 12months).

We are a brand looking to invest and support passionate hockey people. Help us to help you.