Luggage and Bag Innovation

The equipment used to play field hockey is valuable. Mazon realizes that the transport of hockey sticks, shinguards, clothing and valuables is precious cargo that needs the best transportation. Pair top quality materials, unrivalled designs, vibrant colours, secure compartments and heavy duty zips you start to get the key components for a Mazon bag.

Innovation and implementation of key design features to our bags is one of the reasons why Mazon is at the forefront of field hockey luggage. The Fusion Combo is a classic example of the hard work we put into making our products the best. With compartments designed to not only protect the hockey equipment needed for the game but also storage for items and clothing needed for the day ahead after the match or training. This is what made the Fusion Combo one of the best selling bags worldwide. This thought process transpires through our whole range.

A new trend has seen backpacks become a key hockey accessory for the modern player. Mazon sat down with players across the globe to discuss the features needed in a backpack to tick all the hockey boxes. The outcome was a design suited for players on the go, whether it be cycling or walking to the ground for hockey. With compartments for any equipment or gadgets, heavy duty zips, cutting edge designs and durable materials the new Mazon backpack range is a revolution in hockey luggage.

Goalkeepers need a bag that securely and neatly stores their GK equipment. The XR Wheelie and Monsta provide the ease of transporting the bag around whilst keeping the precious cargo safe and sound. Mazon is always on the front foot and exploring new designs and technology and luggage is no different. Think you can help? Then contact us with your ideas!