Mazon helped reinvent the modern shin guard that protects every player on the field today. As late as the mid 1980s bamboo covered in car upholstery vinyl was common place. With balls coming at you at 150kph plus today you would be suffering a leg fracture using such primitive guards.

The next generation saw the introduction of moulded propylene. The initial protection was a far advancement on bamboo, but the joining of leg to polypropylene was not ideal, nor comfortable, so a styrene foam inner pad was added to the polypropylene outer. But everything had to cut down to size, the styrene tore and the fit was uncomfortable. So Mazon took the polypropylene concept, remoulded it into a better leg fitting form, offered size variations, added a special outer skin that covered the inside of the guard and gave further protection between ball, shin guard and leg. Get hit by a stick or ball meant total protection in most cases – but more importantly the shin guard was now more comfortable.

There was just one more stage in the evolution of the shin guard – such a simple idea and again Mazon was the innovator. 'What if' you could absorb the perspiration formed between leg and hockey pad? After all this was the single most uncomfortable thing about shin pads – sweat. So Mazon invented the Inner Sock. The next step was another simple stage – offer a shin pad bag that allowed the shin pads to air after use.

Mazon shin guards offer increased protection and comfort and combined with Mazon's Inner Sock are the market leader. Increased safety and protection without impeding speed of performance.

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